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Beach Volleyball is played on EVERY night of the week 4 - 6 a side at iPlaySports North Lakes, you can join as an individual or as a team. The cost is $60 per team per week. Also you have the option to pay for the season in full ( this must be paid by week 5 and this does not include the semi finals or finals). CONTACT STAFF FOR ALL THE DETAILS ON 1300 526 520

Beach Volleyball will be played EVERY day of the week!! Call 1300 526 520

Volleyball is the ultimate non-contact team sport that everyone can play. Played inside a completely netted Sand court, and with slightly modified rules ensuring individuals can’t dominate, Beach Volleyball is great fun for family, friends and work teams.

What is Beach Volleyball?
The rules are simple and all necessary equipment and officials are provided. Simply get some guys and girls together and you’re ready to get into the action! Competitions are available for men’s, ladies & mixed teams of all standards – novice, social or competitive, the basics are:

Beach Volleyball (4-6 players on court)
Beach Volleyball is a social version of the competitive pairs Beach Volleyball. With beach volleyball you are allowed to have all girls, all boys or mix it up maximum of 6 people on the court at one time. Players may swap or rotate on every service change. Beach fours is a fun way to learn beach volleyball and also get fit.

4 - 6 players per team,
Extra players are allowed, but substitutions can only be made between service rotation
Each match consists of 3 x 12 minute sets