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Indoor Sports - Brisbane (North & South) & Morningside

Have You Considered Playing Indoor Sports in Brisbane (North or South) or Morningside? Check Out iPlaySports for Community Based Sports Facilities

Indoor sporting centres have gained in popularity substantially in the past decade. From dodgeball to indoor soccer, indoor sports facilities are a great place for adults to meet like-minded individuals, enjoy their favourite sports and games, and get a good workout or stress relief from their daily grind. iPlaySports offers convenient locations for indoor sports for South Brisbane residents at extremely affordable prices.

About iPlaySports and Indoor Sports in Brisbane and Surrounding Regions

iPlaySports first opened in 2010, originally dubbed the Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports Complex. Run by childhood best mates, Shaun Blackman and Todd Forrest, iPlaySports offers indoor sports in Morningside and Brisbane areas, as a way to help bind the community together. Both owners are former professional sports athletes, and their passion for sports can be seen in all of the effort they have put into their indoor sports centres in Morningside, North Lakes, and Maroochydore.

The sports offered at iPlaySports include netball, soccer, cricket, and dodgeball, as well as junior netball and junior soccer for kids ranging from 6 to 12 years of age. One of the perks members will find at iPlaySports is that teams and types of games are not limited to a specific gender; both male and female players are welcome and mixed gendered teams are available.

Aside from the indoor sports options, beach volleyball and beach tennis are also hosted through iPlaySports, for those more interested in playing outdoors.

How to Register at iPlaySports

If you are interested in joining an indoor sports team and live in South Brisbane, signing up couldn’t be easier. To sign up, visit their website and either opt to join a team or register a team if you and your friends have enough people to make up a team on your own. The registration form will ask you to select the sport you will be playing, decide if you want to play on an all male, female, or mixed team, and then ask you to select your sports level. This easy to use system ensures you are playing with individuals on the same skill level as yourself.

The registration form will also ask for your age, gender, method of being contacted, as well as the preferred days and times that you are available to play. After submitting this information, iPlaySports will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

If you live in the Brisbane or Morningside areas and have been tiptoeing around signing up for an indoor sports league, don’t be shy! iPlaySports makes the signup process easy and simple, and allows you and your friends to sign up for the same teams, if desired. Have some fun, get some exercise, and meet new people by registering for an indoor team. Bring the kids along and enrol them in junior leagues to make this an event the entire family can enjoy!