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Indoor Soccer - Morningside, Brisbane North & South

The Whole Family can Enjoy Indoor Soccer in Brisbane, Morningside, Brisbane North or South Brisbane

Group activities are a great way to bond with family and friends. Instead of just sitting on the sidelines watching, join the fun and play indoor soccer. Morningside, Brisbane, Brisbane North and South Brisbane residents have a fantastic sports resource nearby at IPlaySports Indoor Centre.

Playing soccer has so many mental and social benefits such as:

  • Learn teamwork and how to solve problems as a group
  • Build confidence and positive self-image
  • Reinforce healthy decisions and lifestyles
  • Reduce stress
  • Make new friends in your local area
  • Learn to accept success and failure with a positive attitude
  • Build cardio and strength by running, jumping and kicking

Playing indoors also has added benefits over playing outdoor soccer. Reduce health risks by avoiding excessive sun exposure, which we all know has detrimental effects on our skin. For residents of Brisbane, South Brisbane, Morningside and Brisbane indoor soccer is also heat and insect free. Never worry that your game will be cancelled due to rain or poor weather – it’s always a fine day for indoor soccer. Because of the smaller court size, friends and family on the sidelines have an excellent view of the game and you can easily hear them cheering you on, making for an exciting game atmosphere.

What do I Need to Know about Playing Indoor Soccer?

Sports fans of soccer may not be familiar with the differences of indoor soccer. South Brisbane, Brisbane North, Morningside and Brisbane fans and novices alike might know the basic rules but here is how indoor soccer is a little different. An indoor court is much smaller which means the game is a lot faster paced and scoring happens more often. Because there is a net around the entire court, there are no “out-of-bounds” interruptions to slow it down. There are only 4 players per team, including the goalkeeper and the game consists of two eighteen-minute halves.

You can see how much this version of soccer has been re-invented in a way that makes it accessible to even casual players of indoor soccer. South Brisbane and Brisbane North teams have access to new state of the art indoor sports arenas at IPlaySports Indoor Centre Maroochydore, North Lakes and Morningside.

Reap the Many Benefits of playing Indoor Soccer at IPlaySports Indoor Centre Maroochydore

IPlaySports Indoor Centre Maroochydore first opened on November 15, 2010 as the Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports Complex. Started by childhood friends Todd Forrest and Shaun Blackman, they bring a wealth of professional sports experience to the table. They have over 30 years combined experience in playing professional football and beach volleyball that you and your team can take advantage of. Contact them to join a new team or get your team enrolled in the next game season and enjoy the benefits of indoor soccer play. They currently have three locations. Join them to have fun, socialise with friends, family and co-workers and just generally have fun.