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Indoor Netball - Brisbane North & South, Morningside

Social and Health Benefits Abound for Participants of Indoor Netball in Brisbane, Morningside, Brisbane North and South Brisbane

Everyone knows that exercise is good for our health, and there are many ways to stay active throughout your life. One of the more enjoyable is to play a team based sport. Playing indoor netball in Morningside and South Brisbane has a lot of physical and mental benefits. Playing team sports regularly, help to builds skills that you use in many other aspects of your life, both personally and professionally.

You can join a Brisbane indoor netball league and meet other people in your area. People have fun and reduce the stress of their work week by getting much needed exercise and an outlet for stress while playing indoor netball. South Brisbane, Morningside, Brisbane and Brisbane North residents are lucky to have several premier indoor sports arenas from IPlaySports Indoor Centre nearby.

Enjoy all the Fun and None of the Hassel of Sports by Playing Indoors

We have all had bad weather interrupt outdoor activities, that’s why playing indoors is so much more convenient. Have you ever had to cancel a game you were really looking forward to due to bad weather? Weather is never an issue when you play Indoor netball. You can also play in the evenings in full light or in the daytime without worrying about the harmful effects of excess sun on your skin. Play in a climate controlled, insect free environment for the most hassle free sports experience you can get. Established in 2010 by experienced professional football and beach volleyball players, Todd Forrest and Shaun Blackman built the IPlaySports Indoor Centre Maroochydore on their wealth of sports experience. They bring more than 30 years of combined sports experience to assist the players and teams.

At IPlaySports Indoor Centre Maroochydore, Indoor Netball is Fun for Everyone

Indoor netball teams in South Brisbane, Brisbane North and Morningside are often made up of both male and femalw players even though many people think of netball as a women’s sport. Netball is a fast-paced and active game, great for anyone wanting to improve their fitness and coordination. IPlaySports Indoor Centre supports teams that are both mixed and ladies. The rules of indoor netball are generally the same as the outdoor version, but playing indoor netball is a little different. The court is surrounded by a tall net which means there is no “out-of-bounds” penalties to slow down the game. Teams are made up of seven players, both mixed and ladies. Indoor netball is a no contact sport and all defenders must remain three feet from the ball carrier which means it’s a relatively safe sport to play. IPlaySports Indoor Centre has both adult and junior teams so the entire family can come and enjoy a game of indoor netball with other South Brisbane residents.