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  Register you Netball, Soccer or Cricket team either by calling us on 1300 526 520 or through the website. If you pay for the season in full we will give you a 20%. The cost is $98 for the Netball, $90 for the Cricket and $65 for the Soccer

Junior Netball and Junior Soccer in 4th School term. REGISTER NOW!!

Register your team for the Junior Netball and Junior Soccer through our website or call us on 1300 526 520. The Netball will go for 10 weeks starting on the 5th October for under 8's and 10's and the cost is $100 per player for the 10 weeks. The Soccer will start on the 4th of October and run for 10 weeks, the cost will be $100 for the 10 weeks.

Register your team at iPlaySports Morningside and you and your team could be playing for as little as $80 per week. The fee for the games is $98 per team but if you pay for the season in FULL we will give you 20% off shich works out to be around $80 per week. To register go to the tab at the top of the home page or call us on 1300 526 520 or (07) 39021894.

 This will be the latest Indoor Sports Centre to open in Brisbane and the third for iPlaySPorts. We are located at 230 Lytton Road Morningside and will have Indoor Netball, Indoor Soccer, Indoor Cricket and Dodgeball. We will have four indoor courts to hold all the sports and a fifth court which is designed just for soccer. The Centre opened in July 2015. We also will have INFLATABLE WORLD which is open Friday 9am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday we are open 9am to 4pm, in the school holidays we are open everyday 9am to 3pm.

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